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Atla Open Press: Uploading Additional Files

This guide provides information for authors, prospective authors, readers and editors of the publications of Atla Open Press


  1. From the Workflow > Submission panel, the editor clicks Upload File.
  2. The editor ensures that the top drop-down menu reads "This is not a revision of an existing file" and uses the lower drop-down to select the type of submission component.
  3. The editor clicks Upload File and selects the desired file from the local drive. This will be a Word document when the chapter contains no ancillary materials. If the chapter includes additional photos, tables, etc., these should be bundled together in a single zip archive prior to upload.
  4. The editor clicks Continue.
  5. On the Review Details screen, the editor ensures that the file name follows the format format "AUTHOR_SHORTTITLE", where 'AUTHOR' is the author's surname (with additional authors hyphenated behind) and 'SHORTTITLE' is a one- or two-word abbreviation of the title, and clicks Continue.
  6. On the Confirm screen, the editor clicks Complete.
  7. The editor clicks OK; the new file has now been added.
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