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Atla Open Press: TCB

This guide provides information for authors, prospective authors, readers and editors of the publications of Atla Open Press


TCB's editorial workflow can be visualized in four stages: Recruitment, Review, Production, and Release & Promotion. Click the links in the columns below for further details.

EiC – Editor-in-Chief
OJS – Open Journal Systems
SCDI – Scholarly Communication and Digital Initiatives staff


The EiC is responsible for ensuring that all content is received by the submission deadlines. 

  1. The EiC sends reminders to contributors in advance of the submission deadline. 
  2. The EiC coordinates compilation and submission of LC content, Bibliographies, and Professional Development by individual editorial board members.
  3. The editorial board collaborates to recruit content for "Perspectives & Practices" and the “Reviews” section via direct contact with potential contributors inside and outside of Atla, as well as putting out calls for submissions through Atla's blog and newsletter, on the atla-tech listserv, various other technical services and cataloging listservs, appropriate Facebook pages, tweeting, etc.


The editorial board shares responsibility for evaluating all submissions, working with contributors to ensure they are of acceptable quality, and sending accepted submissions to production.

  1. The EiC receives email notification of a new submission from OJS.
  2. The EiC notifies SCDI when external submissions have been received and are ready to run through the plagiarism checker.
  3. The EiC logs into OJS, navigates to the Submissions panel, and opens the submission by clicking the View button next to the submission.
  4. The EiC reviews the submission.
    • DECLINE: If the submission is out of scope or inappropriate for this publication, the EiC clicks Decline Submission.
    • ACCEPT: If the submission is appropriate for inclusion in the publication, the EiC will move it directly to Copyediting by clicking the following in sequence:
      1. Accept and Skip Review
      2. Do Not Send an Email Notification
      3. Next: Select Files for Copyediting
      4. Check the box next to all submission files
      5. Record Editorial Decision
  5. Copyediting occurs as required by the submission:
    • If only minor changes are required, the EiC makes these at their own discretion, uploads the revised file and starts a conversation with the author to notify them that the submission was accepted.
    • If major changes are required, the EiC starts a discussion under the “Copyediting Discussions” heading with the author to request revisions. This will notify the author that they have been added to the discussion in OJS.
      The EiC will work with the author within this stage until the submission reaches an acceptable form. The revised file should be uploaded.
      (Note: the email indicates they were added to the discussion for the submission and provides the subject line of the discussion and a link).
  6. The EiC verifies that any included images meet the visual materials guidelines. SCDI can be consulted by starting a conversation in OJS.
  7. Once included images have been verified and copyediting is complete, or if no changes are required, the EiC sends the submission to production and assigns either a proofreader (for externally created content) or assigns the Production Editor.


SCDI are responsible for proofreading, layout and design. The editorial board is responsible for selecting a cover image. The EiC is responsible for providing editorial content and finalizing the order of contents.

  1. SCDI will proofread externally created submissions and then notify the EiC by replying to the proofreading request discussion on the Production tab for the submission. 
  2. The EiC will then assign the Production Editor. If the submission includes images, the EiC will include a note confirming that the images meet the visual materials guidelines.
  3. The Production Editor will generate individual article galleys for each contribution to TCB and will notify EiC when these are ready for review.
  4. While galleys are being prepared, the editorial board selects a cover image, adds image to Google Drive, and alerts SCDI of image and attribution to be included.
  5. As galleys are completed, the Production Editor notifies the EiC by replying to the galley request discussion on the Production tab for the submission.
  6. As galleys become available, the EiC reviews them and requests any needed changes.
  7. The Production Editor makes needed changes.
  8. The EiC notifies the Production Editor that galleys have been approved.
  9. SCDI loads the final individual submission galleys into OJS under the Publication tab and assigns them to the issue.

Release & Promotion

SCDI are responsible for publishing the new issue in OJS. The editorial board is responsible for promoting the release.

  1. SCDI verifies all issue metadata and contents and publishes the new issue to the TCB website.
  2. SCDI informs the EiC that the issue has been published.
  3. The EiC submits a newsletter announcement to and posts an announcement to
  4. The EiC uses any other channels at their disposal to promote the new issue and directs authors to the Atla LibGuide for suggestions to promote their own work.


TCB Workflows and Procedures for OJS 3.3.0
Prepared October 2019
Last revised July 2022

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.