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Atla Open Press: Initial Assessment

This guide provides information for authors, prospective authors, readers and editors of the publications of Atla Open Press


Assigned editors will find their submissions in their Queue on the dashboard when they log in. These are the submissions they will be responsible for shepherding through the following ‘Review’ phase.

Initial Assessment: Steps

  1. The editor opens the submission by logging in to OJS and going to Submissions > My Queue and clicking the View button next to the submission title. Then from the Workflow tab click Download All Files.
  2. The editor will then make an initial assessment. The editor reads over the submission to ensure that:
    • It is appropriate to the scope and mission of the publication.
    • The writing is of publishable quality (or will be after copyediting).
    • All necessary files are attached to the submission and the metadata is complete and accurate.
    • The title is correct (and present in the text of the document).
    • The author's byline is correct.
      • TL and TCB bylines should begin with either "by" or "compiled by" as appropriate to the submission and formatted as Full Name only.
    • Citations follow the Chicago style and all URLs are functional.
    • Footer byline has the format ‘[NAME] is [POSITION TITLE] at [INSTITUTION].’
    • Image files meet the requirements of the Press.
  3. If the submission is complete and the editor feels it is appropriate to consider, they will click the blue Send to Review button.


Theological Librarianship Workflows and Procedures for OJS
Last revised September 2022

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