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Atla Open Press: Single-Step Submission Review

This guide provides information for authors, prospective authors, readers and editors of the publications of Atla Open Press

Single-Step Submission Review: Steps

  1. From the Workflow tab, the EiC downloads the article and any associated files by clicking on the Download All Files button, then reviews the submission with special attention to the following:
    • The quality of writing meets the standards of the Press.
    • The title is correct (and present in the text of the document).
    • The author's byline is correct.
      • TL and TCB bylines should begin with either "by" or "compiled by" as appropriate to the submission and formatted as Full Name only.
      • Proceedings bylines do not include "by" and are formatted as “[Full Name], [Position], [Institution]”.
    • Citations follow the Chicago style and all URLs are functional.
    • (TL and TCB only) Footer byline has the format ‘[NAME] is [POSITION TITLE] at [INSTITUTION].’
    • (TCB only) LCC and LCSH entries are not interrupted by page breaks .
    • (Proceedings only) The abstract is present in the text.
    • Image files meet the requirements of the Press.
  2. From the Publication tab, the EiC checks the information under Title & Abstract, Contributors, Metadata and Issue:
    • The prefix, title, and subtitle of the article are all correct.
    • (Proceedings and Theological Librarianship only) Abstract is present and correct.
    • (TCB and Yearbook only) All abstracts have been removed.
    • All contributors’ names are present and correct.
    • Keywords/Subject terms have been provided, are complete, and are accurate.
    • (TCB, Theological Librarianship and Yearbook only) The submission is marked for the correct section of the issue.


Workflows and Procedures for OJS
Last revised May 2022

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