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Atla Open Press: Soliciting Reviews

This guide provides information for authors, prospective authors, readers and editors of the publications of Atla Open Press


It is the responsibility of the reviews editor to keep abreast of new publications in domains of interest to Theological Librarianship and to compile those the journal would be interested in having reviewed into the list maintained on the website.

Soliciting Reviews: Steps

  1. To add an item to the "Titles for Review" list on the website: 
    1. The reviews editor logs into the OJS dashboard
    2. Under Settings in the sidebar menu click Website, then in the top tab menu that appears select the Set Up tab, 
    3. Click on the Navigation tab and scroll down to find "Titles for Review"
    4. Click the arrow icon next to it then click "edit". This will take you to the content editor for this page on the website.
  2. New titles are added in two categories: "Books at the Intersection of Librarianship and Theology/Religious Studies" and "Reference Works in Theology and Religious Studies". Within the correct category, the editor enters the title of the book to be reviewed. The author and/or editor are listed on the next line, and the publisher on the third. These lines should be single spaced (use shift+return). The editor then hits return (without shift) and enters a short description of the book.
  3. The editor italicizes the book title and presses the insert link icon in the editor, providing the following as the URL: of Book
    (Where "" is replaced with the email address of the reviews editor and "Title of Book" is replaced with the title of the book being added.)
  4. The reviews editor is then responsible for monitoring the provided email address for review requests/proposals, contacting publishers in order to connect reviewers with review copies, and removing claimed titles from the list.


Theological Librarianship Workflows and Procedures for OJS
Last revised July 2022

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