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Atla Open Press: Internal Review

This guide provides information for authors, prospective authors, readers and editors of the publications of Atla Open Press


  1. Once a submission has been sent to internal review, the EiC receives a notification that reviewers need to be assigned
  2. The EiC clicks Add Reviewer. This opens a new panel in which reviewers can be selected from a list of registered users, whose reviewing interests are displayed next to the blue book icon. Note that the editorial board members, who conduct the internal review, cannot be assigned without compromising blind review, owing to their editorial permissions levels. The EiC must therefore click the Unlock link before selecting them. After making an appropriate selection, the editor clicks Select Reviewer.
  3. This opens a new panel in which the EiC can compose a message to the reviewer, set a deadline for receipt of the review, indicate the file to be reviewed, and specify the type of review to be performed. For internal review, the Open Review option is permissible.
  4. The EiC clicks Add Reviewer.
  5. Editors assigned to internal review will receive an email notification, and the review will appear in their Task List in the Dashboard.
  6. Reviewers should follow the steps indicated by OMP to accept the assignment, review the attached document(s), complete the review form, and submit the review. Note that, from this point onward, further interaction with the submission will require editors to use the Editorial workflow link on the Submissions page.
  7. If further input is needed from editors or authors/guest editors before rendering a decision, additional conversation occurs in the discussion board under Internal Review - Round One.
  8. If the judgement of the internal review is negative, the EiC clicks Decline Submission. If the board decides to invite submission of a full manuscript, the EiC notifies the author through the discussion board but DOES NOT click Accept Submission. The submission will remain in Review pending a second round upon receipt of the completed manuscript.
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