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Atla Open Press: OMP Discussion Board

This guide provides information for authors, prospective authors, readers and editors of the publications of Atla Open Press


  1. In OMP, the SCC opens the submission for the relevant volume and navigates to the Workflow > Copyediting tab.
  2. The SCC verifies that the following individuals have all been added as Participants on the right-hand side of the screen (or adds them if necessary):
    1. the SCDPM (as "Press manager"),
    2. the liaison editor(s) (as "Press editor"),
    3. the SCC (as "Production editor"),
    4. the volume editor (as "Volume editor"),
    5. all authors (as "Chapter author),
    6. any translators (as "Translator").
  3. In the box labeled Copyediting Discussions, the SCC creates a discussion thread for the volume as a whole, by:
    1. clicking Add discussion;
    2. in the "Participants" field, selecting all available participants;
    3. in the "Subject" field, typing the name of the volume;
    4. in the "Message" field, entering the text: "This thread is for questions and conversations pertaining to the volume as a whole, such as issues surrounding the publication timeline, the ordering of chapters, the cover, etc. Questions and comments regarding specific chapters should be placed in the chapter-specific discussion thread below this one. Questions and conversations pertaining to specific lines, paragraphs, or sections within a chapter should be entered as comments within the chapter's Google Doc, rather than in OMP";
    5. clicking OK.
  4. For each chapter within the volume, in numerical order, the SCC:
    1. clicks Add discussion
    2. adds only the author(s) and translator(s) relevant to that chapter, as well as the liaison editor, volume editor(s) (if applicable), and SCDPM as participants;
    3. enters "AUTHOR / SHORTTITLE" as the subject, where 'AUTHOR' is the author's surname (with additional authors added as necessary) and 'SHORTTITLE' is a one- or two-word abbreviation of the title.;
    4. enters the following text in the "Message" field: "This thread is for questions and conversations pertaining to the chapter as a whole, such as overall structure, focus, and tone; systemic issues in citations or word choice; and concerns related to supplemental files (images, etc.). Questions and conversations pertaining to specific lines, paragraphs, or sections within the chapter should be entered as comments within the Google Doc, rather than in OMP. Concerns related to the volume as a whole should be entered in the whole-volume discussion thread located above this one";
    5. clicks OK.
  5. When all chapter threads have been established, the SCC sends an email to all authors/editors, informing them that they should have received at least two notifications from OMP about new posts on the discussion board (one for the whole-volume thread and one for their chapter-specific thread) and requesting that they inform the SCC if they have not received these notifications.
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