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This guide provides information for authors, prospective authors, readers and editors of the publications of Atla Open Press

Atla Open Press Mission and Scope



The Atla Open Press, an open access imprint of Atla, publishes and hosts open access books, journals, and other serial publications that lie at the intersection of librarianship and the study of theology and religion. The publications of Atla Open Press cover subjects that impact the work of theological and religious studies librarians, that guide and support innovative library services, and that enhance professional development.

In this Guide, prospective authors, current authors, editors, reviewers, and readers will find further guidance on manuscript preparation, including our citation style requirements, workflow for our publications, and permissions.

Books@Atla Open Press

Books@Atla Open Press publishes works within three categories: Scholarly Editions, Association Editions, and Reprints.

Scholarly Editions represent new and creative research on topics that impact what theological librarians do and how they do it. Consideration and publication of works as Scholarly Editions are subject to review and approval by an Editorial Board that is comprised of Atla members who oversee the selection and review of Scholarly Editions.

Association Editions assist theological and religious studies librarians in their day-to-day work and professional development. These works are written by or at the direction of Atla’s staff with the assistance of committees, interest groups, task forces or outside experts.

Reprints are previously published print books that have value to the profession and are therefore deemed important to re-release as open access online editions.

Atla Open Press - Serials

Atla Open Press publishes two member edited serials: Theological Librarianship and TCB: Technical Services in Religion & Theology.

Theological Librarianship publishes peer reviewed articles as well as essays and reviews on subjects at the intersection of librarianship and religious and theological studies that potentially impact libraries.

TCB: Technical Services in Religion & Theology is a resource for technical services librarians with a focus on the fields of religion and theology. 

Information on submissions, peer review, and publication can be found on their respective web sites.

Publishing Services of Atla Open Press

Atla Open Press provides copyediting and layout services to the Association for publication of its official outputs the Summary of Proceedings and the Annual Yearbook

Additionally, Atla Open Press offers journal hosting services to members and other affiliated organizations who wish to produce and publish open access serials utilizing our installation of the Open Journal Systems platform. Interested parties should send an email to for further information.

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