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Atla Open Press: Full-Issue Metadata

This guide provides information for authors, prospective authors, readers and editors of the publications of Atla Open Press

Full-Issue Metadata: Steps

  1. From the Issues panel the editor goes to the tab Future Issues and clicks the blue triangle to the left of the upcoming issue name.
  2. The editor then clicks Edit under the issue name and proceeds through the tabs verifying the following information:
    • Table of Contents – All contents intended for inclusion in the issue are present and in the correct order. (The order can be adjusted if necessary by clicking the blue Order link at the upper right-hand corner and drag-and-dropping the contents.)
    • Issue Data
      • The correct volume number, issue number, and year have been entered.
      • (TCB and Theological Librarianship only) The box marked "Title" is unchecked and the Title field is empty.
      • The correct cover image has been uploaded and alt text for the cover image has been supplied.
      • (Any changes here must be registered by clicking Save at the bottom of the window.)
    • Issue Galleys – PDF galleys are listed (Proceedings and Yearbook should have EPUB galleys listed).
  3. Back on the Future Issues panel, the editor clicks the Preview link for the issue, showing the issue page as it will appear on the public site once published. The editor confirms that all information displays correctly and that PDF and EPUB files download properly when clicked.



Workflows and Procedures for OJS
Last revised May 2022

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