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Atla Open Press: Recording a Decision

This guide provides information for authors, prospective authors, readers and editors of the publications of Atla Open Press


  1. Based on the reviewers’ comments, the editor makes a decision on the manuscript. Options are:
    • Request Revisions (the author will be requested to make changes but no new peer review will be needed)
    • Resubmit for Review (the author will be requested to make major changes followed by a new round of review)
    • Send to Copyediting (no changes needed)
    • Decline Submission (manuscript will be rejected).


A choice to Request Revisions or Resubmit for Review will prompt a message to the author. Attachment of the (automatically anonymized) reviews is optional. Deadlines given to the author should be appropriate to the magnitude of the revisions requested and the need (or lack thereof) for an additional round of review, within such scope as the publication's calendar allows. The editor clicks Record Editorial Decision and waits for a response from the author.

The editor will be notified of the author’s response by email, in addition to seeing entries in the Revisions and Review Discussions panels.

Response to the author will be through the Review Discussions panel. The editor clicks on the title of the discussion and then on the Add Message button:

Following any necessary rounds of communication and revision with the author (and/or additional reviewers), the editor performs an initial general proofreading, to include resolving/stripping out any comments or tracked changes still present in the article document. The editor then clicks Send to Copyediting. Any prompts asking the editor to assign a copy editor may be ignored.

In the new panel that appears, the editor clicks Record Editorial Decision. This concludes the assigned editor’s responsibilities and the remainder of the process is carried out between the Atla layout editor and the EiC.

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