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Digitizing Collections: Digitizing

A guide for digitizing collections for access and preservation.


  1. Planning 
  2. Selection
  3. Digitizing materials
  4. Processing files, creating master and access files
  5. Metadata creation or re-purposing
  6. Digital preservation of master files
  7. Presentation of access files in an online content management platform

Digitization Principles

Digitization Principles

  • Capture at the highest resolution appropriate to the informational content of the originals 
  • Capture at an appropriate level of quality to avoid re-handling of the originals in the future—capture once 
  • Create and store a master file that can be used to produce derivative files 
  • Use system components that are non-proprietary
  • Use file formats and compression techniques that conform to industry standards
  • Create backup copies of all files
  • Monitor back-up to assure integrity of files 
  • Outline a migration strategy for transferring data across generations of technology 
  • Anticipate and plan for future technological developments

Resources for Digitization

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