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African Traditional Religions: Ifa

This guide, created by the Atlanta University Center Woodruff Library with funding from the Atla OER Grant Program, exists as an Open Educational Resource on "African Traditional Religions: Ifa." Content licensed CC-BY-NC 4.0.

Chapter 8: Orunmila, the Spirit of Destiny: The Prophet and Priest of Ifa, Other Orishas and Spiritual Powers

Photography: Will Coleman Ph.D. This is a representation of Orunmila, the spirit of destiny, prophet and priest of Ifa.


Who was present when Olodumare conceived and effected the processes of creation?  Who was the witness to the mechanizations of the universe?  Who knows what to know of how to get things done wisely?  Orunmila.  Oriki about Orunmila.

Esu, the Divine Messenger

Ogun, the Path Opener and Cultivator

Obatala, the King of the White Cloth

Olokun, the Unlimited Ocean

Oshun, the Honey of Life

Oya, the Wind and Storm

Shango, the Thunder and Lightening

Yemonja, the River of Life

Osanyin, the Medicinal Alchemist

Osoosi, the Master of Intuitive Detection

Ibeji, the Twins of Manifestation


Photography: Will Coleman Ph.D.

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